About Us

“Focused on you, your needs and your timeframes”

Lunthabe Engineering & Projects is a privately owned company located in Emalahleni in Mpumalanga Province; TheCompanycomprises a highly talented leadership team with recognized relevant experience and skills to run a world-class business. The company’s management team has an average of 24 years’ experience in the industry. The leadership team has a proven project delivery and cost-effective track-record. Lunthabe is currently classified as SMME 100% black owned.

Lunthabe Engineering & Projects has a strong and suitably structured board with the right balance of non-executive and independent directors. The company is committed to ensuring good corporate governance, and the board of directors endorses and accepts full responsibility for the implementation of sound principles to ensure effective governance across the organization. Lunthabe Engineering & Projects offers a range of professional consulting engineering services covering conceptualization, planning, design, management, construction, operation, maintenance and rehabilitation of land infrastructure through its partner Calibre Consultant. With a number of African and International engineering experience we are able to provide our clients with cost effective, comprehensive and innovative solutions. We are dedicated to continuous improvement through quality management in all our areas of expertise and have deservedly earned a reputation for technical excellence in many engineering disciplines.

Accountability in all our client relationships is vital to us. To support the realization of our clients’ needs we are committed to good governance and sound business principles. Both our clients and our employees are of the utmost importance to us. We believe that the two go hand in hand and that our investment in the happiness and development of our employees has resulted in a vast and satisfied client base.

Lunthabe Engineering & Projects strives to ensure that all its office staff are representative of the demographics of their operational area. This helps to achieve our goal of utilizing our diversity to deliver appropriate designs and projects.

Our Values (Click Here)

• Empowerment -LEP is an organization built on transparency and a true desire to harness the    talent of its people without prejudice.

• Integrity - LEP values loyalty and trust while honoring interests and undertakings made to    others.

• Care - LEP places a high premium on the wellness and safety of its people and the    communities it operates in.

• Respect - LEP values diversity and harness the value of quality relationships.

• Purpose-driven - LEP is driven by achievement of clear business and people goals.

• Simplicity - LEP embraces an approach of keeping business clean and simple.

• Accountability - LEP people are accountable for decisions taken and delivery of agreed   undertakings.

Safety Vision (Click Here)

We consider our health, safety, environmental, community and quality responsibilities as integral to the way we do business. We are committed to attaining and maintaining high standards in health, safety, environment, community and quality, through the continuous improvement of our HSECQ performance, efficient use of natural resources and aspire to Zero Harm to our people and the environment.


• Safety example set by leadership at all levels.

• Behavioral safety is a way of life at LEP.

• prevention always remains a priority for LEP and its operations.

Health & Hygiene:

• Health and hygiene programmed & monitoring in place

• HIV/Aids testing and counseling is a free service offered to our people.

• LEP strives to provide lifestyle management services to its entire people.

Empowerment Vision (Click Here)

LEP is committed to transformation to greater gender and race equality in our industry. LEP manages its stable workforce without compromise to leadership. LEP sets a sterling example of real broad-based black economic empowerment. Not only is LEP majority black owned, but is a highly successful South African company with operational control also in black hands. We have a clear transformation strategy with specific efforts to integrate transformation as part of the way we do business. LEP recognizes the role of all its stakeholders on this journey and regular communication informs all our stakeholders (internal and external) of milestones achieved in our transformation efforts.